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All Animal Communications will of course be confidential. But I had an experience with animals that were in trouble in the news that I would like to share.
I had the most magnificent experience that was so extremely sad.
About an hour from my home a multimillion dollar Race Horse Farm had a fire in one of the Barns @ 11pm January 4th. Around 43 horses were lost. Bless their hearts.
At lunch time the next day, after hearing the news, I shut my eyes and could sense first the horses in the barn and the cries. I shut that off right away. OMG

Next I sensed there is a holding area before crossing the veil where spirits get processed. Then I sensed confusion, stampede, fear, horse cries. The horses were stampeding, frightened. I found myself saying calm down you are safe over and over again. I sensed encircling them all in a bubble of energy. Repeating woa woa, calm calm, its ok. You are safe, over and over again. I then sensed covering them all in a Reiki blanket. I heard a voice say why is this happening? I answered first you must calm down. You are all being processed. I am sure it’s for some kind of higher good. I am sure once you are processed you will be able to answer that question and tell me. Every time I lifted the Reiki blanket to re-adjust it a few more horses had been processed. I would just see them disappear, one after another. Then there were 5 then 3 , then 2 and I told the last one the best was left till last while holding her face and poof she was gone. This took around 30 minutes. I had assisted the horses in crossing over. The most amazing experience I have ever had and so so humbling. Bless their hearts. AHO

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