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A wave of uplifting universal energy that raises the consciousness of your home, business and you.


WOW! This program is amazing! I have only been using it a few days and I lost 5 LB, I am sleeping better, I had a fantastic free business opportunity and I am feel like my vibrational level has risen.  I received the best work review and best raise I have ever had at the toxic company I work for.   I cant believe the moment you sign up the energy turns on. I am very energy sensitive and at times need to turn it off on the link they supply. Give myself a rest and turn it back on again. On payday I am going to have them charge my medicine bag.  

It detoxes us, you should drink lots of water when running this, raising vibration, consciousness, more loving feeling, I don't get irritated, the list goes on and on. You can read about it on the website. GEEZ new technology on energy work!

It starts the very moment you register. It may subside but it is always running. You can turn it on and off. The first day I had to take breaks as it was overwhelming, detoxing me. Now its just a nice steady buzz. I subscribed and next I am going to have my medicine bag charged.

Lets see, to explain, but not how they explain, this system can give you healing. It can feel like getting a Reiki treatment or boost. Its that kind of Universal light energy. They have found a way using similar techniques as Tesla, to harness this energy with a machine they built and direct that energy. I was just thinking for Reiki practitioners, imagine the extra boost your client would get when they come for a Reiki treatment and the Universal energy is running in the room. Imagine if you had a item charged, and you say to the client take this stone or what ever home and bring it back at your next treatment, so the treatment is running all week because they took that item home with them.

Both of my sisters died at a young age of lung cancer and brain tumours. I always ponder, since I live a much more toxic life then they did, why them? Now with this system running, I feel a twitching on the left side of my head, and feel energy around my lungs. This just dawned on me today because its very subtle. But this energy detoxes and heals where your body needs it. We know Universal energy knows where to flow and we don't actually have to do hand positions when doing Reiki. But now I am wondering if the system is healing these areas. My arthritis is all but gone from my knees.

Then besides the healing factor, it raises our consciousness, and we are evolving. If we work with it, we can manifest things probably with our intent and meditation. I didn't even need to do anything. Just having it running has brought me a couple of different types of abundance. But there has to be (how would I say it) an option or a tool for the abundance to work. So someone unemployed who doesn't even look for work, no one is going to come knocking at your door. But we work, so there's the path, and for me a got a big raise. I got a great business opportunity because I supported a person unconditionally and they were so so generous in giving me something that I didn't expect, right when I turned this energy on. They said they had been thinking of it for a while, and bam right when I started this energy they came forward. And I am soooo grateful to them for this gift! You know who you are. LOL




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