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A Very Warm Welcome to Metawalks


I am now offering Metawalk journeys. These will be offered on a donation basis so I can keep this work coming to you.  email me at to donate, register and let me know your Skype ID.

Check out my blog to find what Metawalk we will be doing each week.

A Metawalk is a trance like journey using metaphors in a vision with different goals. 
In the weeks following these Metawalks you will begin feeling, sensing yourself reaching your goals from the Metawalk.  Opening new doors, new ideas you didn't realize before. Subtle changes in your inner energy.

For those in a different part of the world these Metawalks are worth setting your alarm, stumbling to your computer and logging in for 20 minutes.

Every Wednesday evening @ 7pm EST

Metawalks will be held on Skype.

Blessings, Dolores (Smallelk) Chiasson


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