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Reverse Speech Analyst

I am excited to be working with Reverse Speech.  I have received my certification as a Reverse Speech Investigator.  I have one more assignment to go and I will be certified as a Reverse Speech Analyst.

Then in April I will be starting on my journey of becoming a Reverse Speech Practitioner.  This is such exciting work and a new break through in communication.  See my page on Reverse Speech and more information to come shortly.


The Philosophy of Reverse Speech
The world in which we live is a reflection of the pictures
in the unconscious mind. We therefore create our
reality and bring to us what is within
We are all responsible for our own actions and the
things that happen to us.
We are spiritual beings connected to the cosmos
through the whirlwind and a common collective
By looking into the mirror, understanding ourselves and
taking personal responsibility, we can achieve a state of
congruency and access amazing powers in the
unconscious mind.

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