Smallelk Sacred Energy


A wave of uplifting universal energy that raises the consciousness of your home, business and you.

Create a more nurturing energetic environment for your home.

Expand your consciousness.

Sleep and meditate more deeply.

Boost your body's natural healing ability.  Increase focus, concentration, creativity.

Energize your living/working space.

 TESTIMONIALS from people who have taken advantage of this wonderful 15 day trial so far, using my links:

   This is VERY powerful, I signed up yesterday and couldn't do anything else for a while but rest which I know I needed. It is       turned off for now and I plan on using it again at bed time...thanks for showing me this, Dolores. It's pretty awesome.  JS

   I have had a few opportunities come forward some just gave me breathing space which is good . 
   I have found tho I am not sleeping well at night . Not that I normally sleep well but I am even more so restless at night .MR

   I don’t know when they are suppose to activate it, but I feel a high buzz (not drug/alcohol type) right now. Like after a healing.     Not sure if that is placebo related or not.  RL

Did you feel a change in energy?

   Slight one/ but I do feel a sense of happiness or excitement.  

I haven't felt the urge to clean my house but better outlook on things.  I feel this is an important thing in my life- so thank you for

that!  CD