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My name is Small Elk and I am a healer and Master Teacher of Reiki. There are many forms of Reiki available to us and I have done intense study to find the best most effective methods of Reiki. We start with Usui Reiki Ryoho, the oldest form of Reiki in existence. It is easy to learn and extremely effective, even miraculous. From this traditional basis we can then study other styles of Reiki.



All Reiki Courses include Manual, Certificate and Lineage. Start Today!


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USUI REIKI RYOHO                                      

Founder Mikao Usui in the late 1800's

number of symbols 4/number of attunements 3

This form of Reiki is the beginning point of Reiki. It lays the foundation that other forms of Reiki and Energy Systems can build upon. Hand positions for healing, distance healing, symbols, and passing attunements are taught.

Usui Reiki Ryoho: Level One $175.00        US                 

                               Level Two $175.00       US

                              Master/Teacher $275.00 US                        


Students must be Reiki Master/Teacher to study the following courses.


Shamballa Multidementional Healing     $150.00 US       

Founder John Armitage year 2001

number of symbols 10 given to all...352 total given as needed to individuals

number of attunements 4

This energy system blends three types of energies together: Reiki, Mahatma energy, I AM presence and the energy of the Ascended Masters. Information is from channeled information about the history beginning with Atlantis with St. Germain.


Ra Sheeba                  $150.00  US

Founders: Merilyn Bretherick and Peter Johanson

year: 1982

number of symbols 38

number of attunements 3

A very powerful Healing Energy. It is a combination of the Egyptian god/Ra as male energy of the great central Sun combined for the first time with the female energy/Isis that is sexual, creative, and playful expression of love. Creates a unique balance of male/female energy in the receiver.


Ma'heo'o Reiki        $75.00  US

founder Rev. Sheryl Carter in 2003

number of symbols 5

number of attunements 3

Ma'heo'o is Cheyenne Native American Indian

for 'Great Spirit', Great One or God.

The symbols are the five elements and blend

a form of psychic and chakra breathing with a

chakra/nada awareness technique that moves the chi energy throughout the whole body.

'This system combines the gentleness of reiki with the raw power of the Earth elements.'


Abundance/Prosperity Reiki                 Free with One other course

Founders Jane Peterson and Bro David Paul CHC

year 2003

number of symbols 3

number of attunements 1

The work of abundance/prosperity reiki began with Jane in 1998 with one symbol and 2 more were added in 2003 when Bro. David Paul CHC began to work with the energy. Attunements are offered on the full moon of every month. The guides suggest that this form of reiki is fourth dimensional and is needed to aid in the healing of the planet during major energy shifts in 2005.


Isis Seichim Reiki                            $50.00 US   

Founder Ruth Mays year 1990

number of symbols 15

number of attunements 2

This form of reiki blends reiki, 7 facet seichim, Tera Mai and Magick with some interesting insights.


Kundalini Reiki                                  $250.00 US   

Founder Ole Gabrielsen year 2001

number of symbols 0 by intention only

numbers of attunements 9...3 plus 6 boosters

By opening/strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing reiki to yourself and others just by intention. Kundalini means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened and you thereby gained access to the earth's energy. The manual also includes Gold, Etheral crystals, and Taycon as part of the training and attunement.


A practice exercise from 'Essential Reiki' by Diane Stein in the 'Opening the Kundalini'is available by chapter or you may purchase the book.